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Jan 21, 2017

Three Ways to Simplify Your Moving Experience

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Moving into a new home can be a stressful, exhausting experience, and you understandably want to take every step possible to simplify this process. Many people hire movers to handle the heavy lifting on moving day, but you may be wondering what additional steps you can take to enjoy a faster and more productive experience when working with a moving company. By closely following these steps, you can simplify your moving experience considerably.

Do as Much as Possible to Prepare for Moving Day
Some people hire a moving company because they want to do the least amount of work possible, and movers can definitely disassemble your furniture, disconnect your appliances and even pack up the last few boxes of items for you. However, when you want to enjoy a fast, streamlined experience on moving day, you will do as much work as possible to prepare for the moving company. For example, removing the mirror from the back of your dresser and disconnecting the washer and dryer can save time on moving day, and this allows your movers to work more efficiently.

Make Plans for Kids and Pets on Moving Day
Another great step to take as you prepare for moving day is to make plans for the care of your kids and pets. You may ask your neighbor or a family member to watch them for you. You could also put your pets in a kennel for the day. Kids and pets require your constant attention on moving day, and this is because they may run out of an open door or get underfoot of the movers. You can keep everyone safe and ensure the fastest moving experience when you plan ahead. You can also free up your own time and attention so that you can focus on other important tasks.

Allow Your Moving Company to Handle Some of the Setup
While you may want to spend the few days preceding moving day disconnecting appliances and taking apart furniture, you can rely on your moving company to complete the reconnection of appliances and assembly of furniture. This will make the entire moving process faster and easier for you. Otherwise, it may take you several days or more after the movers have left to do all of this work yourself.

While moving is a stressful experience, it does not have to be as complicated or time-consuming as you might think. When you do as much work as possible up-front and manage the care of the kids and pets, you can be completely prepared for the movers’ arrival. Then, you can fully rely on them to provide as many services as possible to further streamline the process. By implementing these ideas, you can enjoy a better moving experience. If you need any more information, Hudson Movers Ltd may be able to provide you with further insights and resources.