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Jul 31, 2016

What Content To Put In A Direct Marketing Advertisement For A Realtor

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Why Would Someone Want to Buy or Sell a Home?

Your goal when it comes direct mail marketing or any other type of marketing effort is to give potential clients a reason to take action. Therefore, you may want to consider including information about the state of the housing market and how interest rates and prices are historically low. You may also include information about how rental rates are forecast to raise, which may make home ownership the more cost-effective option.

Real Estate Agent Marketing Content Should Be Concise and Easy to Understand

When creating content, it is important to understand that you aren't limited to text articles. Instead, you could include an infographic or a link to an online video that can easily and concisely explain your message. Infographics are preferable to those who like to learn visually while a video message may be preferable to younger clients or those who can hear better than they can see. Remember, your goal is to get your message across quickly before your mailer gets thrown away or otherwise ignored.

One or More Calls to Action May Be Worthwhile

If a potential client is intrigued by your content, he or she needs to know what to do next. Therefore, you may want to encourage your readers to sign up for an email newsletter that has more information, follow you on social media or call to schedule an appointment. Those who are ready to buy now may be more apt to call while those who are just starting the buying process may be more interested in information at the moment. However, getting an email address of social media follow is a great way to nurture relationships and get a client in the future.

As a real estate agent, it is your job to show your knowledge and expertise regarding the home buying process and the housing market in general. Therefore, your content should use relevant statistics and other facts to compel someone to get serious about buying a home today. If you can do that through your content, your readers will trust you and will feel good about you helping them from the first showing until close.